#103 Anna Robb

Today’s very special guest is technically not a designer, but she brings together ALL the design elements which makes her the perfect person to talk to. For Episode 103 we are hanging with Production Stage Manager, Anna Robb! Anna’s most recent job before Covid was wearing multiple hats on the 250 million dollar extravaganza The House of Dancing Water in Macau where she served as Production Artistic Coordinator, Technical Manager, And PSM, which involved calling 500 cues and managing 83 backstage crew member and 91 onstage performers, not to mention copious amounts of flying, diving, scuba, fountains, and motorbikes. Working with Franco Dragone from its inception, she’s sharing stories of how the project came together, what a 3-month tech process looks like, and the specifics of how a show of this size is run night after night. But there’s more! Anna also tells us about her time as Stage Manager on Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE, how Covid has affected the arts both where she’s from (Australia) and where she lives (Hong Kong), how she manages it all as a working mother, and the genesis of the website she created, TheatreArtLife. Anna has so much fascinating info to share and such a unique perspective and we’re thrilled to have her!