#24 Buist Bickley

Prepare for maybe our most fascinating episode yet…it’s “It-Boy” Props Supervisor, Buist Bickley! Buist is one of the most sought after Props Designers on Broadway and boy does he have the stories to back it up. He and Cory discuss his work on ‘The Last Ship,’ ‘Act One,’ ‘The Nance,’ ‘Mothers and Sons’ and a whole host of other shows. Learn how he made “fake” cookie dough for Lily Rabe in ‘Seminar’ and an entire meal’s worth of “fake unhealthy” food for Katie Holmes in ‘Dead Accounts.’ From hand props to furniture to weapons to special effects, he’s involved in it all. Cory and Buist also chat about the logistical minefield of being a Props Supervisor including New York traffic laws, managing thousands of dollars worth of receipts, union houses, and actors who manage to channel all of their frustrations into that one prop they can’t stand! He’s a jack of all trades and he’s sharing his secrets on today’s show!

Buist Bickley’s Brodaway credits as a Props Supervisor include Act One, Mothers and Sons, Bronx Bombers, The Machinal, Waiting for Godot, After Midnight, The Nance, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Sondheim on SondheimDead Accounts, Grace, Seminar, Other Desert Cities, and the upcoming productions of It’s Only a Play, The Elephant ManThe Last Ship. Other New York credits include: New York Philharmonic, Pearl, MCC Keen Company, Red Bull Theatre Company, Clubbed Thumb and New Georges. Buist was the Props Master in Residence at The Westport Country Playhouse from 2007 to 2010.



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