#32 Daniel Brodie

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2015 with Projection/Video Designer Daniel Brodie. Daniel just designed all the video content for Mariah Carey’s Christmas concert and he recounts that herculean undertaking having been hired just 48 hours before the first performance. Cory and Daniel also chat about his work on “Motown”, how he picks his teams of assistants, what’s it’s like in his department during tech, and his transition from associate to lead designer. Projections can often be added for the wrong reasons but Daniel discusses his ideal production process and his collaborative efforts with the other team members to help the projections feel organic to the overall design. And Cory and Daniel chat about working on a pre-Broadway test workshop for “The Muppets” in which Daniel discovered, by doing a good job, that perhaps he wasn’t needed to begin with. Job security be damned!

#26 Driscoll Otto & Amy Pedigo-Otto

It’s two for the price of one today! Our first ever joint episode features married couple Driscoll Otto (Lighting/Projections) and Amy Pedigo-Otto (Costumes.) The lovely couple spent a morning in their brand new backyard chatting with Cory about being married to another designer and balancing the freelance lifestyle with family, which will soon include a newborn baby. Driscoll tells us about designing ‘Game of Thrones: The Exibition’ and Amy talks about working in the TV world on shows such as ‘The Americans’ and ‘Louie.’ It’s a round-table in Brooklyn and you’re invited!

#22 Caite Hevner

Today’s guest is the very lovely, multi-talented Caite Hevner Kemp! Equally adept at designing scenery and projections, Caite talks about being a member of Wingspace Theatrical Design, the pros and cons of designing two disciplines for one show and her academic adventures from FSU to Yale to NYU. Cory and Caite also cover topics new to the podcast like rules and regulations surrounding the documenting of our work, what it’s like being married to someone who does the same thing you do, and the importance of staying healthy and eating right while living the freelance lifestyle. (hint: it doesn’t involve cheeseburgers after tech.) See how many jumping jacks you can do throughout the episode. We’re saving lives people!!

#7 Jeff Sugg

This week’s guest is projection designer Jeff Sugg. Cory and Jeff discuss how he accidentally became a commercial designer after years of working in experimental theater. Hear inside stories from ‘Bring It On’, ’33 Variations’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘The Last Five Years’ and other shows as Jeff chats about often being the last designer hired, why bad projections are so easy to find and his far reaching influences from 19th century optical magic to Polish theatre. AND did you know Jeff grew up on a compound in Saudi Arabia…hit play now to hear THAT story!

#3 Ben Pearcy

Today’s guest is lighting/projection designer Ben Pearcy. Ben and Cory discuss his design for ‘Big Fish’ and mourn it’s closing, his experience working with renown artist James Turrell, how it feels to hit the GO button at the Opening Ceremonies, and how Ben owes much of his career to the legendary (and possible mid-show surprise guest,) Ken Billington!