#47 Howell Binkley

This week’s guest is one of the busiest designers on Broadway, it’s Lighting Designer Howell Binkley! Cory and Howell touch on many of his recent and past work including his award winning design for ‘Hamilton’, revisiting ‘How to Succeed…’ again 15 years later, and how his dance background informs his designs. He also discusses whether there is such a thing as a “Broadway lighting design”, how he interacts with his longtime Associates and Programmers, what his process is for laying out a new plot, and the emotional toll of creating art that can so easily be washed away in an instant, as was the case with his recent work on ‘Dr. Zhivago’. And learn how a different path nearly led Howell to become…wait for it…a mime!

#46 Zachary Borovay

Welcome to Episode #46 with Projection Designer Zachary Borovay. Zach is with us this week to share all kinds of Projection stories from having a massive hit like ‘Rock of Ages’ to creating the iconic imagery for ‘A Catered Affair’ and what he learned working with the great Wendell Harrington on many show, including an infamous little show called ‘In My Life.’ Cory and Zach chat about the journey to get Projection Design legitimized within United Scenic Artists, how future technology may make projector fan noise far less of an issue, and what is was like designing within the massive scale of Radio City Music Hall. And aside from being an in-demand designer, Zach is also a pretty kick-ass bass player, and he tells us about the day his fantasy came true and stepped onstage to play along Arsenal at Rock of Ages Vegas! (cue Don’t Stop Believin’ vamp…)

#45 Nevin Steinberg

It’s been nearly a year since the Tony Awards Administration Committee eliminated the Sound Design Tony so this week we check in on what progress is being made to right that wrong with Sound Designer Nevin Steinberg! Nevin tells us about the steps being taken to educate the public about the art of Sound Design including a newly formed committee within United Scenic Artists. But this episode has so much more! Nevin and Cory chat about his work on ‘Hamilton’ and the emotional and professional impact of being involved with such a runaway hit and Nevin shares lots of interesting anecdotes from ‘The Addams Family’, ‘Venus in Fur’ and ‘In The Heights.’ Hear about the challenges of designing sound for Shakespeare in the Park, why he often doesn’t listen to cast albums, and you’ll never drink a glass of Merlot again without thinking about Nevin’s dead-on comparison of design and the fine art of winemaking. Cheers!

#44 Jennifer Caprio

This week’s guest on Episode #44 is Costume Designer Jennifer Caprio! Jen created the iconic costumes for ‘The 25th Annual..Spelling Bee’ and she tells us how those clothes came to be on their journey all the way to Broadway and a hit show…and what happens when your design becomes part of the show logo. She also shares stories from ‘Colossal’, her recent football themed show at Dallas Theatre Center and ‘Joseph…’ currently touring the country. Hear about her unique sketching and rendering process which combines both old and new techniques, the culture of costume shops, and the differences between designing costumes for regional theatre vs. New York. This episode is G-R-E-A-T and you’re gonna love it!

#43 Paule Constable

The podcast is going international this week with British Lighting Designer and current duel-Tony nominee, Paule Constable! Paule chats (while Cory geeks out) about her designs for “War Horse”, “Curious Incident” and “Cripple of Inishman.” She discusses the difference between US and UK lighting approaches, her love of large, single source gestures, why she doesn’t get hung up on making designs symmetrical, and her country’s love of haze! Hear how all the technical elements of a monster of a show like “Curious Incident” came together and why there are no gobos in “Warhorse,” a show that takes place almost entirely in a rural landscape. And Paule talks about being a female designer in the UK, the stigmas and biases that still remain, and what it was like to be the first woman ever to win the Olivier for lighting. Grab a pint and enjoy this bloody good chat!

#42 Young Designer’s Survival Guide: LIVE from ETC

Welcome to our first LIVE episode as we team up with ETC to bring you the Young Designer’s Survival Guide! Cory chats with Jon Collins (Scenery), Jason Crystal (Sound), Travis McHale (Lighting) and Tristan Raines (Costumes) about the nuts and bolts of being a young designer working in New York City. The panel has lots to say on topics ranging from assisting to designing on your own, when to join the union, whether you need an agent, how to remain passionate and how to pay that pesky rent. Being a “young” designer often means having to work harder to get noticed or be taken seriously among a team of seasoned pros and the panel shares their thoughts on maneuvering those obstacles. We take some questions from the audience, everyone names their favorite tech food, it’s a party and you’re invited!

#41 David Woolard

We’re on a roll with great guests and this week is no exception, it’s Costume Designer David Woolard! David tells us about costuming the characters of Aaron Sorkin in ‘A Few Good Men’ and ‘The Farnsworth Invention’, creating the clothing for an icon like Jane Fonda and the experience of designing the original production of ‘The Who’s Tommy’ and then returning to it 20 years later at the Stratford Festival. David also shares stories from ‘First Date’, the challenges of working with Arthur Laurents, the brilliance of Des McAnuff, and the adventure of finding the perfect sweater for Billy Crystal. Darling, this episode is simply mahhhhvelous!

#40 Justin Townsend

Welcome to episode #40 and today’s show with Lighting & Scenic Designer Justin Townsend. Justin is spearheading a brand new program at Brooklyn College to train Broadway Associates and he’s here to tell us all about it. Cory and Justin also dig into many corners of his design process from the plotting stage, to meetings with directors, to his almost whimsy like process of discovery in the theatre. He also shares his thoughts on the responsibility of the LD to be energy efficient, his stance on the ‘save Tungsten’ debate, the influence of one of his mentors, Chris Akerlind, and his current production of “Hamlet” at Classic Stage Company. And Justin teaches Cory about sailing!

#39 Michael Schweikardt

It’s episode #39 and it’s Scenic Designer Michael Schweikardt! Michael has mastered the world of regional design work and he’s got lots of secrets and tidbits to share. Cory and Michael chat at length about his work at Goodspeed Opera House and the challenges and joys of working in such a prestigious venue, the keys to designing in deep thrust spaces like Pittsburgh Public Theatre, and the process of taking “Ella” to over 25 different regional theatres. He also shares his thoughts on living outside of New York City, his feelings on projections as a scenic element, the vanishing craft of hand painted drops, and the economical and practical realities of working primarily in regional theatre. And we announce our first ever LIVE podcast recording on April 20th in the theatre district. Come be a part of the show you (hopefully) love!

#38 Lee Savage

It’s episode #38 and this week’s guest is Scenic Designer Lee Savage! Lee has an impressive roster of designs all around the country as well as in New York. He discusses he love for Shakespeare and his ongoing relationship with The Shakespeare Theatre, and the genesis of his most recent design for “The Tempest.” Other topics of discussion include the in and outs of working in regional theatre, how he makes out of town housing feel personal, his ideal working relationship with other directors and designers, and the influence of his two biggest mentors, Eugene Lee and Ming Cho Lee. And Lee gets personal as he tells us about becoming a father to a newly adopted baby and the joys and challenges of being a freelance designer while raising a child. We’re coming to you direct from the Wingspace studio in Brooklyn! Could we be any hipper?!