#8 Jill BC Du Boff

The podcast has been seriously lacking in feminine charm and this week we’re rectifying that with sound designer and actual female Jill Du Boff! Jill chats about going on the road with Radiolab, how a baby that wouldn’t stop crying led to an awesome sound effect and how she is preparing the next generation of artists to think about sound design in a whole new way. Expect guest appearances from both her cat and her husband…it’s an episode for the whole family!

#2 Lindsay Jones

The hardest (and nicest!) working man in showbiz sits down to chat about his life as a sound designer. It’s Lindsay Jones! He talks about making his Broadway debut with ‘A Time to Kill’ and why he waits until the last possible moment to write music for a show. He’s got a resume as long as the 20 years he’s been designing and he was the first person to record an episode. Enjoy!