#27 Wilson Chin

The podcast returns this week with set designer Wilson Chin! Wilson has created beautiful sets for theatres across the country and he and Cory discuss many of those designs including ‘Othello’ and ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at the Old Globe, ‘My MaƱana Comes’ at The Playwrights Realm and his current design for ‘By the Water’ at Manhattan Theatre Club. Hear Wilson talk about the tricks to making intricately detailed interiors onstage, why he likes ceilings in his sets, and how a background in architecture led to his current career. He also discusses the influences of his mentors like Santo Loquasto, Michael Yeargan, and Riccardo Hernandez and Cory and Wilson debate the merits of hand drafting vs. computer drafting and why drawing directly on your computer screen may not be the best idea.

#25 Tobin Ost

Stop the presses! This week’s guest is ‘Newsies’ Scenic Designer and Tony nominee Tobin Ost! Tobin discusses the genesis of his design for Newsies from his original idea to the current design about to tour the country. Cory and Tobin chat about his first Broadway credit as costume designer for ‘Brooklyn’ and how he has comfortably bounced back and forth between scenery and costumes. Other topics includes Tobin’s time working for designers such as Ming Cho Lee, Santo Loquasto, and Scott Pask, what he learned on his recent touring production of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and how a production of ‘Pirates of Penzance’ may have changed the course of his life.

#22 Caite Hevner Kemp

Today’s guest is the very lovely, multi-talented Caite Hevner Kemp! Equally adept at designing scenery and projections, Caite talks about being a member of Wingspace Theatrical Design, the pros and cons of designing two disciplines for one show and her academic adventures from FSU to Yale to NYU. Cory and Caite also cover topics new to the podcast like rules and regulations surrounding the documenting of our work, what it’s like being married to someone who does the same thing you do, and the importance of staying healthy and eating right while living the freelance lifestyle. (hint: it doesn’t involve cheeseburgers after tech.) See how many jumping jacks you can do throughout the episode. We’re saving lives people!!

#19 Michael Carnahan

This week’s guest is scenic designer and delightful gentleman Michael Carnahan. Michael and Cory discuss his many years of Associate work with designers such as Anna Louizos, Donyale Werle and the great Desmond Heeley, as well as his own design career, including a long-standing standing collaboration with Ruben Santiago-Hudson and the plays of August Wilson. He discusses the realities and economics of recycled and sustainable scenic materials, why model building is such an important part of his process, and how he may have spent time as a Sinatra groupie. AND Michael and Cory geek out over their love for the design of ‘Rocky’ and how it redefines what can be done on a stage.

#18 Josh Zangen

Inexplicably, we couldn’t get Justin Timberblake to come on the show…but we got the next best thing, his set designer, Josh Zangen! Josh takes us through designing ‘The 20/20 Experience’ Tour and how he fell into the concert world working with such artists as Brittany Spears, Kylie Minogue, and Jack White. Josh and Cory discuss his shows for Spiegleworld including ‘Empire’ in New York and ‘Absinthe’ and ‘Vegas Noccturne’ in Las Vegas. And if that’s not enough…we fulfill your childhood diorama dreams with stories of Josh’s design for the holiday windows at Macy’s. From Timberlake to tinsel, this episode has something for everyone!

#14 Beowulf Boritt

Never fear podcast listeners…this Beowulf is way cooler than an 11th century warrior, it’s Beowulf Boritt! Beowulf tells us about his massive set for ‘Act One’ at Lincoln Center and what 100,000 lbs of scenery feels like spinning on a 60′ turntable. Cory and Beowulf discuss his vast array of other shows including ‘Chaplin’, ‘Grace’, ‘Spelling Bee’, ‘Sondheim on Sondheim’ and, wait for it, the Circus! Learn what mistakes Beowulf admits that he keeps making, why Ed Asner called him the Angel of Death, and how tall a doorway needs to be to accommodate an elephant. Learning is fun!

#12 Brian Prather

Today’s guest is set designer Brian Prather. Brian chats about his long relationship with Barrington Stage Company, re-designing his award-winning set for ‘Freud’s Last Session’ in the round, and how he made it through a two hour production meeting where everyone was speaking Korean. Cory and Brian compare moments in the design process that give them goosebumps and the pros and cons of falling back on what you know. It’s anther episode live from Queens…roomier, sunnier, and half as expensive as those podcasts from Manhattan!

#9 David Arsenault

Today’s guest is scenic and lighting designer David Arsenault. David and Cory discuss the pros and cons of living in New York City…from broken down subways, to lugging your own scenery through midtown, to dreaming of the suburbs. They discuss shows on their bucket list and offer a mini class in website and resume do’s and don’ts, including why you should never attach balloons to your resume. Pay attention…there will be a quiz!

#5 Paul dePoo

Today’s guest is set designer Paul Tate dePoo III. He tells us how a hurricane may have prevented him from being the next David Copperfield, why he wants to design the Olympic opening ceremonies, and what is was like working for famed Broadway set designer Derek McClane. AND finally learn what it’s like going through life with a last name that begins with a lower case letter! Insanity!

#4 Dane Laffrey

Our guest today is Dane Laffrey. Dane is one of the hottest young designers working today and he spent a wintery Saturday morning with Cory talking about his life. He tells us how his training in Sydney has impacted his career and what it’s like having an impromptu interview with Woody Harrelson. Dane also catches us up to speed on his newest project, Chance Magazine, a magazine dedicated to photographic documentation of theatrical designs.