#31 Paloma Young

This week’s guest is the delightful Costume Designer Paloma Young! Paloma went from designing the workshop production of ‘Peter and the Starcatcher’ to winning a Tony Award for her designs and she takes us through the whole crazy journey. From her humble beginning as the ‘local’ hire, to a moment of shear panic when presenting the costumes for the first time, to Christian Borle turning a costume piece into comic gold, to costuming multiple companies at one time, and finally to the bizarre experience of seeing her work copied in subsequent licensed productions. Cory and Paloma also chat about her work on ‘Natasha Pierre & the Great Comet…’ and ‘Fly by Night’, the unpredictable reason an actor once was hesitant about his costume, and what Paloma’s own clothes say about herself in the play that is real life. Enjoy!

#26 Driscoll Otto & Amy Pedigo-Otto

It’s two for the price of one today! Our first ever joint episode features married couple Driscoll Otto (Lighting/Projections) and Amy Pedigo-Otto (Costumes.) The lovely couple spent a morning in their brand new backyard chatting with Cory about being married to another designer and balancing the freelance lifestyle with family, which will soon include a newborn baby. Driscoll tells us about designing ‘Game of Thrones: The Exibition’ and Amy talks about working in the TV world on shows such as ‘The Americans’ and ‘Louie.’ It’s a round-table in Brooklyn and you’re invited!

#25 Tobin Ost

Stop the presses! This week’s guest is ‘Newsies’ Scenic Designer and Tony nominee Tobin Ost! Tobin discusses the genesis of his design for Newsies from his original idea to the current design about to tour the country. Cory and Tobin chat about his first Broadway credit as costume designer for ‘Brooklyn’ and how he has comfortably bounced back and forth between scenery and costumes. Other topics includes Tobin’s time working for designers such as Ming Cho Lee, Santo Loquasto, and Scott Pask, what he learned on his recent touring production of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and how a production of ‘Pirates of Penzance’ may have changed the course of his life.

#16 Whitney Locher

It’s taken too long, but this week we finally have a costume designer…it’s Whitney Locher! Whitney and Cory discuss her new production of ‘Into The Woods’ (coming to Roundabout next season) and her long relationship with Fiasco Theatre. They discuss the in’s and out’s of dealing one-on-one with actors as well as the realities of costume research, shopping, and the fine art of diplomacy in a fitting room. Whitney tells us about working on the Tony Awards and Cory shares his new love of returning clothes. Not a mention of a moving light for miles!

#4 Dane Laffrey

Our guest today is Dane Laffrey. Dane is one of the hottest young designers working today and he spent a wintery Saturday morning with Cory talking about his life. He tells us how his training in Sydney has impacted his career and what it’s like having an impromptu interview with Woody Harrelson. Dane also catches us up to speed on his newest project, Chance Magazine, a magazine dedicated to photographic documentation of theatrical designs.